About Me

I wanted to let you know a little more about me and how I got into writing. I didn't start writing to escape from a job I hated, as so many others claim, but because of an incredible love of both reading and writing. My sister started it all off when she bought me my first book. It was a tattered copy of Treasure Island and it was closely followed by Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and a whole host of classic fiction. From that point on I read voraciously, anything I could get my hands on including the hard-boiled noir detective fiction from the US.

I didn't actually start writing until I was in my late 20’s. I’d just read a Spike Milligan book and thought I could write something comic about the pub scene in Dublin. After I’d finished 20 pages or so, I showed it to my wife who promptly told me it was ‘rubbish’. I decided to focus on non-fiction for a while and I managed to get six non-fiction books published over about a ten-year period.

I got a little fed up writing non-fiction and yearned for a bit more creativity, so I decided to give fiction another go. Ten years and 6 novels later I finally managed to get one published, ‘Cartel’. So I wasn't exactly an overnight success, in fact I could have papered the walls of my house with rejection letters from publishers and agents. Cartel did reasonably well but not enough to give up the day job. I retired in 2011 and then decided I was going to dedicate lots of my free time to writing. I started the Ian Wilson series in 2012 and there are now four books in the series with a new one to be released in August and another in gestation. I really enjoy writing Ian Wilson, he’s one of my favourite characters to write. I admire his honesty, integrity and strength...if he was to ever be a character on TV, my vote would go for Gerard Butler!

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